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What is 3CX

3CX is an advanced software based phone system that is easily customisable to suit your individual needs. Work from the office at home or on the road with one convenient easy to use phone or have one phone at each location. You can even run multiple offices from the one system, no need to buy multiple phone systems.

3CX can cut your annual phone system maintenance costs by up to 75% and your monthly phone bills by up to 80%. Below we will go in to more details on how this revolutionary phone system can streamline your business and cut your operating costs. On average 3CX pays for itself in as little as 6 Months.

3CX is so flexible you can run the system on your own server and network, or in the cloud. No complicated licensing, it’s the same no matter where you choose to run the system.

Something For Nothing

Not sure if 3CX is for you, in most cases the 3CX software and server hosting is available free for up to 1 year. Not to mention all the other great free features that other phone systems charge a fortune for.


  • Free for unlimited extensions
  • Free video conferencing
  • Complete phone system for Small Businesses
  • Up to 8 Simultaneous Calls free
  • Easy to manage yourself
  • Up to 1 year of free PBX hosting
  • Never miss a call with free Android and iOS  Apps.
  • Unified Communications with Call, Chat and Presence
  • Click2Call CRM Intgration
  • Integrated Call Recording
  • Digital Receptionist and Call Queuing
  • Fax to Email

There are three licensing options available Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Choose the best solution for your business. No add-ons, expansion modules or additional licensing considerations. Three simple plans, one powerful communications system.

Cost Comparisons

Most phone systems charge you for the number of extensions or hand sets you want to use, with 70 extensions at $25 per extension per month this can cost $1750 just to have the phone sitting on a desk not necessarily being used. 3CX does not charge for extensions, you can have 1000+ extensions and not pay any extra, you only pay for the number of simultaneous calls you want to be able to make bringing the cost way lower, with 32 active calls costing as little as $110* per month.

Below is a more detailed comparison from 3CX which further explains the cost savings.

* Pricing obtained from 3CX an ma have changed since this article was published.

What SIP Phones can I use with 3CX?

Don’t want to buy new phones to go with your new phone system, you may not have to.
Below you can find a list of phones currently compatible with 3CX, these can easily be moved from your current system to 3CX. Alternatively you can use the Windows, Mac Android and iOS clients until you are ready to buy new phones.

Supported IP Phones
  • 3CX App for (Windows | Android | iPhone | Mac)
  • Fanvil C Series: C400-V2.0, C600-V2.0
  • Fanvil H Series: H2S, H3, H5
  • Fanvil X Series: X2/X2P, X3, X3S/G, X4/X4G, X5S, X6-1.2
  • Grandstream GXP16 Series: 1610, 1615, 1620, 1625, 1628, 1630
  • Grandstream GXP17 Series: 1760, 1760W, 1780, 1782
  • Grandstream GXP21 Series: 2130, 2135, 2140, 2160, 2170
  • Htek UC8 Series: UC802, UC803, UC804, UC806, UC840, UC842, UC860, UC862
  • Htek UC9 Series: UC902, UC903, UC912, UC923, UC924, UC926
  • snom D1 Series: D120
  • snom D3 Series: D305, D315, D345, D375, D385
  • snom 7/D7 Series: 710/D710, D712, 715/D715, D725, D745, D765, D785
  • Yealink T1 Series: T19(P) E2
  • Yealink T2 Series: T21(P) E2, T23P/G, T27G, T29G
  • Yealink T4 Series: T40G, T40P, T41P, T41S, T42G, T42S, T46G, T46S, T48G, T48S
  • Yealink T5 Series: T52S, T54S, T56A, T58A/V
Legacy (Limited Feature Set & Support)
  • Avaya 9601, 9608G, 9611G, 9621G and 9641G
  • Cisco SPA Series: 302, 303, 501G, 502G, 504G, 508G, 509G, 512G, 514G, 525G/G2
  • Grandstream GXP11 Series: 1160, 1165
  • Grandstream GXP14 Series: 1400, 1405, 1450
  • Polycom VVX Series: 101, 201, 300, 301, 310, 311, 400, 401, 410, 411, 500, 501, 600, 601
End of Life (Firmware & Support Ended)
  • Aastra 67i Series: 6730i, 6731i, 6739i, 6751i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i
  • Cisco 7900 Series: 7940, 7941, 7960, 7961
  • Fanvil C Series: C400-V1.0, C600-V1.0
  • Grandstream GXP Series: 2100, 2110, 2120, 2124
  • Polycom SoundPoint 301, 501, 600, 601, 4000
  • Polycom SoundPoint 320, 330
  • Polycom SoundPoint 321, 331, 335, 450, 550, 560, 650, 670
  • snom 3 Series: 300, 320, 360, 370
  • snom 7/D7 Series: 720, 760
  • snom 8 Series: 820, 821, 870
  • Yealink T1 Series: T19P
  • Yealink T2 Series: T20P, T21P, T22P, T26P, T27P, T28P
  • Yealink T3 Series: T32G, T38G
  • Yealink VP530
Supported DECT Phones
  • snom M Series: M300, M700 Dect Base (M300 Handset, M700 Handset)
  • Yealink DECT Series: W52P, W56P, W60P (Handset: W52H, W53H, W56H)
Legacy DECT (Limited Feature Set & Support)
  • Gigaset DECT Series: N510 IP PRO, N720 Manager (N510 Handset, N720 Handset)
Supported Conference Phones
  • Polycom SoundStation 5000, 6000, 7000
  • snom MeetingPoint
  • Yealink CP860, CP920, CP960
Supported Infrastructure Devices (Doorphones/ PA Systems/ Intercom)
  • Alphatech
  • Cyberdata
  • Fanvil i20, i21/i21T
  • snom PA1 – Public Announcement System

For a full list of features and detailed explanations check out the 3CX Phone System Brochure

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